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Stone Head

Stone Head Group was founded by a young generation of beer lovers on a mission to pursue their dreams of developing locally crafted beer representative of Thailand. Our brand name, Stone Head came from the Thai word “Hua Khang”; which translated into English means, “Stubborn”. Stone Head’s founders are known for their stubbornness which goes alongside our sense of pride which together drive us to develop the best product we can.

We take care when choosing the best quality raw materials from all over the world as well as our local Thai ingredients which we use to add a variety of flavours to our beers.

泰國石頭手工精釀由年輕的啤酒愛好者創辦,理念是:創建泰國本地精釀啤酒的代表。我們的品牌名稱“石頭”源之於泰語 “Hua Khang”,譯成英文的意思是“固執”。石頭精釀的創始人以固執著稱,同時我們也很自豪固執的性格驅使我們堅持研發出最好的產品。


Stone Head 石頭手工精釀: Our Products

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Stone Head 石頭手工精釀: Product Gallery
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