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DB Brewery

ØFounded by Andy Deng in 2005, ex-head brewer for Carlsberg and Kingway. Doemens certified brewer.

ØThe most awarded and largest craft brewery in Taiwan.

ØThe Taiwan Craft Beer series infuses key ingredients from different regions of Taiwan, taking the consumer on a tasting journey across Taiwan. While also supporting local farmers.

ØThe DB Craft Cider series is made from 100% fruit juice (unlike big commercial brands), pushing key famous Taiwanese fruits into traditional apple cider. Only 3 ingredients.

ØAll products contain no added sugar, sweeteners, colourings, preservatives etc.

Ø2005 年由 Andy Deng 創立,曾任 Carlsberg 和 Kingway 的首席釀酒師。 Doemens 認證的釀酒商。


Ø台灣精釀啤酒系列注入台灣不同地區的關鍵原料,帶領消費者踏上全台灣的品酒之旅。 同時也支持當地農民。

ØDB Craft Cider系列採用100%果汁(不同於大型商業品牌),將台灣主要著名水果推入傳統蘋果酒中。 只有3種成分。


DB Brewery 鄧爸麥酒: Our Products
DB Brewery 鄧爸麥酒: Product Gallery
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